Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Ernie Meets the Greats

Ernie got to meet his great grand parents Fritz and Pam today. The original Ernesto's life and my own briefly overlapped but I don't think I ever had the pleasure.

Lydia's Nana and Pawpaw are always very good hosts at their Webster Groves apartment, with good food and booze aplenty.

Ernie got sick for the first time this week. My guess is that he got a cold on the plane/airport. He has a little raspy cough but seems to be in pretty high spirits despite this so I’m extra happy about his demeanor. I didn’t anticipate how much joy Ernie would bring to other people. It takes a lot of pressure off of me to be interesting at social functions. Tom was especially surprising and talked about all the fishing and toy trains he wanted to do with Ernie. I feel like Ernie represents like another chance for people for relationships or something. He’s also a second chance for us to rekindle our own relationships with family. Lydia and I have discussed how effort we make now rebuilding relationships allows Ernie to bond with his family and maybe have good relationships with them of his own. So long story short we’ve been talking more to family that we sometimes have avoided previously. He is essentially like a slobbery little ambassador.

Aunt Sarah made an appearance as well to say hello.

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