Thursday, July 27, 2023

Amphibious Bath Baby

Today at tubby time Ernie changed into a frog baby.

After the bath he jumped back up to the rainforest trees.

Once again I won our daily foot measuring contest.

Today we took a stroll around the Elliott Bay Marina area. It's pretty fancy and there are yachts everywhere.

I'm always tempted by trash furniture. I have a problem but I like to think of the world as my furniture store.

This place was weird because it's pretty close to the city but it felt very quiet and idyllic.

There were blackberry appetizers available.

We had some dinner at Maggie Bluffs Marina Grill.

The most wondrous part of the whole day was stumbling onto this free party thing. It was sponsored by bougie companies like yacht insurance and yacht dealerships, and there was free wine and beer. Not even like a beer tasting like a whole glass.

There was even a band. I would like to live here someday. Maybe just on like a pontoon boat where I can come to shore whenever free food and booze is being served.

I've been playing some Hollow Night on Xbox. It's very Tim Burton-esque: cutesie and dark at the same time.

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