Saturday, July 22, 2023

Getting Wild at the Zoo

Ernie's first whirlwind trip to the midwest was wrapping up but there were still some excitements left in store for him.

The Saint Louis Zoo! It's funny I remember that in my St. Louis days, if I wanted to go to the zoo I would park miles away if necessary and wonder to myself what sort of money hating idiot would pay to park when the zoo itself is free. Today I have become that money hating idiot so that my prince of a son doesn't have to ride in his stroller a minute longer than is necessary. Must be nice.

I did buy a pineapple drink that was inside a pineapple but I'm sure that was somehow Ern's fault as well.

I would someday like to just spend an entire day hanging out with primates. They are so much fun to gawk at and there's never enough time. Fun fact: cotton-top tamarin dads carry their babies on their backs around 10 days after they are born.

I'm glad that I learned that the Missouri Tarantula is a thing after I did all that Missouri hiking and camping.

When we got to the airport I made sure Ernie was aware how lucky he is that we aren't on tamarin rules.

The carseat thing is a bit of a crapshoot. We didn't buy him a ticket but apparently if they have extra seats available you can ask to bring your car seat aboard.

He had a nice snooze in his seat.

Ern perused the drink menu then told Lydia his order.

Mt. Rainier is always a nice welcome back to the PNW.

We did pretty well the entire flight but then we were stuck sitting on the tarmac for an hour. Ern did not like that so much.

Ernie gets close to zero screen time so it's a nice secret weapon to keep him entertained in an emergency situation.

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