Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Hangin' with Ern

I was snuggling with my son this morning when

out of nowhere I was viciously assaulted!

Ern wore one of his custom shirts today.

Ernie did more of his daily neck exercises to help his lumpy pumpkin.

Ernie was talking and then I got my phone to interview him and... he stopped talking. Rude.

So it turns out that a baby stroller is a perfect place to store contraband. A security guard will go through your purse but nobody is shaking down a stroller with a baby in it. Well I took the opportunity of our latest all-inclusive baseball game to see exactly how much candy would fit in that thing. The answer may surprise you.

Speaking of all-inclusive, we needed to change the Cracker Jack package to say Cracker Jill.

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