Thursday, July 06, 2023

Too Much Food in Booboo

Big Ern was hanging out by the window, staring at the blinds as is his custom, and he was lookin' real cute so I did a little photo shoot.

Everyday I see Ernie he has a new war wound from scratching his own face. While breastfeeding he doesn't know what to do with his hands and so this is one of his favorite times to tear up his own face.

The MLB All-Star game is in Seattle this year, and I've been considering the best way to get involved without going bankrupt. I never really knew much about it, but apparently it's a whole week of events so it's a bit easier to take part.

We had dinner at Mediterranean Kitchen in Bellevue. The Lebanese-Mediterranean fare was delicious but these people are portion size terrorists. Look at the size of this salad Lydia ordered.

I want to say mine came with soup and bread to the point that I was pretty much full by the time the thing I actually ordered arrived. It was funny watching first-timers pick up their take out orders. The soup was still happening but packed up to-go, so people that ordered a few things ended up leaving with a whole menagerie of packages to take home. One of Lydia's students said that in Chinese they call Bellevue "booboo" so of course I call it that now too because I am a man of culture.

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