Monday, July 17, 2023

Ernie Meets the Springfield Crew

Ernie got to experience one of the amazing mornings that Springfield, IL is known for. Every single day the sun comes up there. Amazing.

Sleeping with my baby in my old room was a surreal experience.

We planned an Ernesto meet-and-greet for Springfield friends and family at Rotary Park. I was a bit stressed leading up to this event. I didn't know if anyone would show up, but it turned out just about everyone I know in town showed up. That was nice. I was also concerned that everyone would want to hold him and we were a bit freaked out about germs. He hasn't had contact with that many people and we were concerned about him touching 400 dirty hands plus sitting on the dirty planes breathing in St. Louis farts for 10 hours. We left him in his car seat most of the time to discourage too much handling of him and that seemed to work pretty well.

My mom was really cute because as soon as we got Ernie loaded into the stroller she grabbed it and pushed it over to everyone, like she wanted to show him off.

I have a big family which is nice but I always feel a bit guilty because that means I have about 4 minutes to speak to each person.

I brought Lydia to the home of authentic central Illinois cuisine: Steak 'n Shake. They even had horseshoes advertised on the menu which I was excited about. I didn't order one but I was excited that they were there.

We did some night time strolling around downtown Springfield and took in some sights. There was a historical marker noting that Obama gave his presidential candidacy speech at the Old State Capitol. Historical markers about events that I personally attended makes me feel pretty old, actually.

One of the presents that was in Ern's pile today was this scrunchy book that he likes to kick a whole lot.

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