Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Cute Little Dumpling

We had some fun times today and added a reoccurring character.

I enjoyed seeing the news that MrBeast is fighting his ghost-kitchen burger shop. We had it in Portland and were quite underwhelmed, and so it was validating to see that he doesn't really like it either.

Ernie's new big boy bed seems to be acceptable to his highness.

Oh, I've been ready!

Ernie tried on this shirt that his Great Grandparents bought him on their fancy, long trip to Greece.

Zoe was now back in Seattle to stay. Ernie was excited to play with her.

We went to eat at the new location of Supreme Dumplings in Kirkland with Shubra and Sumit.

It looks so much like an Asian food Apple Store in here that I thought it was my first time eating their food. We have eaten at their Bellevue location, though.

It's funny because I didn't realize we'd eaten here before until we went home after the meal. We ordered the example same tan tan noodles though. While we are forgetful we are at least consistent.

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