Thursday, November 10, 2022

A Lil' Lizzo Road Trip

I have the best paying job I've ever had in my life, plus we have a baby on the way, and these conditions have combined to cause me to go YOLO on whatever experience we remotely want to do before my life is ruined. So Lizzo was going to be in the neighborhood. I recently got wise, though, and realized that when artists come to Seattle they also tend to pop into Portland and Vancouver while they're in the neighborhood. And the prices in Seattle are pretty horrendous even when compared to already pretty expensive nearby cities. Well in Lizzo's case the price gap was so bad that it made sense for us to drive to Portland, Oregon to see the show.

To be clear, this trip was for Lydia. She is a very lucky girl, etc. etc.

Latto was the opener and I was sad but we missed her. It was Thursday so we pretty much screeched out of the parking lot right after work and just barely made it for the real show. Oh well. I'll just have to listen to Big Energy on the way home and dream about what might have been. 

The show was very entertaining even for someone who doesn't know a ton of her songs. 

I only recently learned that Lizzo is a decent flutist as well.

Lizzo may be the kindest to her fans musician I've ever seen live. She spent a lot of time interacting with people in the crowd. One memorable one was someone handed her a paper and pen to draw something that the fan would then get as a tattoo. I thought that was creative. Some dude got on stage to booty dance with her, she handed out flowers to random people at one point. Later she started talking to the people up in the rafters, and called out each seat section number one by one and they would all cheer. Then she'd pick out interestingly dressed people and talk to them a bit. It was pretty amazing. It's possible that part of what is happening is that Lizzo is younger and earlier in her career, and I'm comparing her to say... The Who who literally said they don't like touring.

By the time we got back to the hotel we were hungry but the whole damn town had shut down. Luckily MrBeast never sleeps. MrBeast Burger was not amazing but it did exist at the time I wished it to which is half the battle.

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