Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Chocolates of Issaquah

We popped into Boehm's Candies in Issaquah, Washington. They've been making candies by hand for 80 years.

I was immediately excited when I saw the store's Swiss chalet exterior. You don't build a place like this and then sell crap chocolates. 

There were a ton of different choices in the case and I was overwhelmed. I asked the nice girl behind the counter what the weirdest/best options were and she pointed out a few.

The Mozart Kugeln was good and decently weird, I'll give it that. I was fooled, however, when I looked up "filbert paste" and saw that filbert is just the local word for hazelnut.

I'm pretty proud of myself but another way that I avoided making the tough decision of what chocolates to buy was to grab a couple bags of assorted discount broken chocolates.

I don't think I realized exactly how much beer a tallboy advent calendar was going to contain. I'm still happy with my purchase though, as all of the beers are from small German brewers. It's rare that I'm confronted with this many beers that I haven't tried before. I will be brave and venture forth.

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