Thursday, November 24, 2022

St. Louis on a Mission

We went back to St. Louis for Thanksgiving to see both of our families and finally do our big baby Ernie reveal.

The plan was to work from the airport and then from the plane. It did not go well. For one thing I bought internet service and it was very very bad. Just kept disconnecting over and over annoyingly. There also isn't enough room to type once you put a laptop on the trail table in front of you, which I had not anticipated. Anyway, not going to try this again. I suppose that this is one reason why business class exists.

Lydia's mom and Doug are super nice and endearing and want to spend like every waking moment with Lydia when she's in town, which is cute. Fine. On this particular trip we had a secret baby on board though, and so I was stressed out about seeing them. Lydia is a master of dressing to conceal at this point, though, so everything went smoothly. Less smooth was the thanksgiving dinner from Sugarfire Smokehouse that they were so kind to pick up. It was really bad. Their family has this habit of picking up hot food for us, putting in the refrigerator until it's thoroughly chilled, then giving it to us piping cold. It's like skipping the initial pleasant part of eating out and going straight to leftovers.

We booked the same large airbnb above Southwest Diner that we hosted Christmas in last year. It went well and so here we are again.

You can't beat the decor in this place.

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