Saturday, November 05, 2022

Belly Bumping

We had a plan to reveal that Ernie was on the way to our families in person on Thanksgiving, but that meant that we had to hide him from everyone else in the meantime. Lydia had to start getting creative to hide her little belly. Also not drinking at social events was another small wrinkle, but she could blame dieting or some other thing for that which people seemed to buy.

The Barnes & Noble in Bellevue was cute but kind of sad, because it was a quaint little shop with like skyscrapers next door and it seemed like surely the value of the land it sat on was such that it would not be long for this world. Sure enough we wandered in there one day and everything was on clearance because they were closing. I told our friends Gabby and Derek about the sale, and they ran over there and bought a bunch of stuff. Amusingly they bought a Back to the Future board game that I had been eying but decided against buying. So we invited them over to our place to play it. It was nice because it was a cooperative game. I get kind of salty when I lose so it's best that no one has to see me cry. Lydia made a nice charcuterie board for us to nosh on while saving the world.

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