Sunday, October 30, 2022

Apple Photography

While I was bored out of my mind at the Bellevue Square Apple Store, waiting for her highness to pick out an iPad(more like iSad ya feel me?), I watched a class on iPhone videography. I was intrigued and am always interested in improving my iPhone skills, so I checked out availability on their website. I can't turn down a free class!

I found one that looked interesting at the University Village location:

Photo Tour: Framing Architecture

Discover a new point of view on photographing buildings, architectural details, and structures with your iPhone or iPad. We’ll head out and show you how to combine angles and lines to create perspective, add textures and shapes, and set the composition. Devices will be provided, or bring your own. Recommended for all skill levels.

The Apple employees that walked around with us seemed to be legit photography experts. One of them in particular was very intense and seemed to know a lot about both the theory of photography and the technical specs of the iPhone.

I was having fun on my photography class but Lydia was being a pill about it. There's no pleasing her.

Back at headquarters we learned some tricks on how to edit photos.

They then put our work up on the big screen. It was fun.

I worked so hard at photography we all agreed that I had earned a Hello Robin Mackles'more cookie.

Even the cars in the Tesla store had their Halloween costumes on.

Lydia has a bad case of Ernie belly.

Voting is very easy in Washington, and it may be my imagination but I feel like they ask us to vote more often as a result.

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