Saturday, October 08, 2022

Vegan Dinner Survivor

Zoe was in town and we took her on a little food crawl. Real talk: many of these vegan joints are god awful and I should get some sort of award for being such a good sport.

We started at Aviv Hummus Bar. We actually have a trip to Israel coming up so I was excited to try this place out. I shouldn't have been. I'm pretty sure they microwave their falafel, and the staff was rude. How do you screw up a hummus cafe?

Next we made an appearance at Cafe Flora.

I'm real big on shishito peppers. Part of the reason is I like to say "shishito peppers". This was on the menu as "blistered shishito peppers served with mama lil's aioli". Somehow they managed to screw this up. Do these look blistered? Only blisters are going to be on my feet from how hard I run away from this place.

This was fun because it had several parts and all of them were bad. It was like a three ring circus but all the animals are tortillas filled with mashed potatoes.

I've walked past this Gameworks joint downtown a few times and been intrigued. How awesome does this sound for a video game bar: "GameWorks began as a joint venture between the video game developer Sega and the film studios Universal Studios and DreamWorks, with filmmaker Steven Spielberg providing creative input." It was created in 1996, grew up to maybe 30 locations including several international spots, then went out of business. One of the former CEOs bought the original Seattle location and brought it back to life. What a guy.

There is a sort of retro grandiosity to the place that you don't get from a run of the mill arcade. I think there was a race car hanging from the ceiling somewhere. 

We spent all of our tickets on candy like responsible adults.

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