Thursday, October 13, 2022

Escape From Wonderland

Like we do most days, today we took a walk.

It's funny because Kirkland is crawling with bubble tea joints but there seems to be no end to them continuing to open. I wonder if this is a bubble, sort of like how cupcakes bakeries were hip for a minute then most of them died. I am not complaining, however, because I love me that sweet sweet boba.

The occasional Oktoberfest style lager helps to deal with the sad realization that for this year at least, my Munich Oktoberfesting is behind me. What a time it was.

Our fun social outing for today was to go to an escape room with our friends Sumit and Shubhra. This time the company was Conundroom Escape Rooms in Redmond and it was Alice in Wonderland themed.

"The time has stopped in Wonderland. The tea party is ruined, cakes and cups are out of place, and the Queen wants the clock to be taken apart! Take a part in the crazy adventure in the land of wonder, help it regain the normal flow of time. You will meet all kinds of funny, exciting, colorful, and crazy animals that will help you solve the mystery of the broken heart. You will have an hour to start the time and save your head from being chopped off by the Queen!"

It was fun. One little quirk of this one was that there were little audio clues here and there. It was sometimes hard to hear them which was annoying but I appreciated the attempt. We did pretty well and didn't need too many hints.

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