Saturday, October 15, 2022

Put the Boo in Boozy

We spent the night with our friends Kuoling and Jason.

Capitol Cider is one of those places that I've walked past 12 times and got more annoyed that I hadn't been in each time.

I got a cider flight to catch up.

The main event for tonight was House of Spirits. 

I had never been into anything like this so I didn't really know what to expect, but it seemed kind of like a classier version of a haunted house but with cocktails. Count me in!

Unsurprisingly there was a silly VIP ticket system so we had to wait a little extra to enter the house. Whatever.

I was so startled.

There was a spooky dooky introduction with all of us packed into a room. It honestly reminded me of a low budget version of the opening room in Disney's Haunted Mansion.

The first floor was already pretty crowded so being the geniuses we are we started off on the second floor. There was creepy live music happening.

The spirits that you could talk to were very well done. I think a little girl went missing or something and that was the mystery we were trying to solve, but the house was very old in this universe and had several generations of families' back stories to learn about. The actors did a great job of staying in character and telling you their spooky life stories.

I was interviewing a haunty dead person when Kuoling approached very out of sorts. She looked kind of like a zombie and at first I thought she was just playing around but she fainted on me. I caught her and propped her up. She seemed to get better then fainted again. The place actually had an EMT type person on staff which was awesome. We were on the second floor so now had the unfortunate task of trying to get this fainty girl down a large flight of stairs without dying.

Once outside she was interviewed a bit by the staff. Lydia and I liked this because Kuoling was asked to spell her name for their official report. We sort of thought her name might be Colleen the whole time we've known her so that was a convenient way of getting to the bottom of it. Surprisingly after she sat and got some air, Kuoling said she was fine and ready to go back in the spooky house. I was kind of surprised that the staff left her back in honestly because I would think that at this point she is a walking insurance claim.

There was a sort of show thing that involved a seance to try to communicate with the mysterious dead former house occupants. There was an excellent jump scare.

They handed out mirrors for us to use to make the spookies emerge.

I have no idea. I want to say this lady was possessed by a crow? It's not a good thing I can tell you that.

Some of our interviews of the dead started pointing to some unfortunate things that happened in the house's basement. There were several rooms down there, each with a different little item to collect. Once you faced the terrors and collected them all the mysteries began to be revealed.

One of the things you had to collect was located inside the stomach of one of the monsters. The costume design was really well done. These weren't off-the-shelf costumes.

This was kind of fun because I remember seeing this mysterious man on the porch earlier but I had forgotten about him. What a callback!

It was a really memorable experience and I'm thankful that none of us died.

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