Sunday, October 02, 2022

Oktoberfest Part Zwei

We had part of a day left for Munich fun times and had a decision to make. We had some plans to do normal tourist stuff like hit up some local museums. On the other hand we had a marvelous time at Oktoberfest. We ultimately came here for Oktoberfest, plus I already had the lederhosen I bought so I felt like I should give them another whirl and give the German ladies something to look at. We decided upon more Oktoberfest.

Lydia insisted on feeding me berries in bed like the Sultan of Agrabah.

It seemed to be the style to buy these gingerbread cookies with stuff written on them in icing. I think they are just decorative though and not for eating which.. is a sad situation because I love gingerbread and I bet the Germans do it right.

Fancy pants Lydia had packed two dirndls all along so that was another good reason to make a second trip to the beer halls. There were so many beer halls that there were several we hadn't seen yet, so that was a focus of my second wind: see all the beer halls and drink all the beer. We started off Löwenbräu.

Löwenbräu is German for "lion's brew". Most Löwenbräu beers are marketed as being brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, the Bavarian beer purity regulation of 1516.

They had a foreigner's menu for us.

Ragout of deer with spaetzle and cranberry, closest to me. Got a couple of Munich's speciality weisswurst back there as well as a potato dumpling.

I read that this stuff is popular during Oktoberfest. You snort it but it's just sugar and menthol, no tobacco or anything.

They had these fun cupids pointing out the restrooms.

We went to enough beer halls that we started to sense the small differences. There were differences in music style in particular, and some of the crowds were rowdier than others.

I was tempted to buy one of these beer steins but I defeated my demons.

We made a couple of friends that worked in a small town city hall together.

Unfortunate name for a lottery.

I was impressed at the level of quality of the theming of the traveling carnival rides.

After finishing out the night we wanted one last classic German meal for dinner so we visited the Hotel Deutsche Eiche.

To get home we did our flights in reverse, nothing fancy.

There were some other Oktoberfest fans on the plane.

There are few outward signs of empire more obvious than the United States having its border patrol offices set up in other countries.

Washington has a pretty serious liquor tax that I am determined to avoid. I never really understood the allure of duty free stores until now. I got some fancy 18 year Tullamore Dew for the road.

I was excited to watch the new Downton Abbey: A New Era. Being stuck in a chair for endless hours has its advantages.

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