Friday, October 14, 2022

Power Washer Pumpkin Carving

I saw an amusing video somewhere of someone carving a jack-o-lantern with a power washer. This sounded both more convenient than laboriously sawing through a squash all night, and it also sounded very awesome. We pitched the idea to our friends Gabby and Derek as they are real adults with a house and the endless tools one needs to maintain said house, power washer included.

I made the mistake of wearing my nice Big Lebowski sweater outside and probably got pumpkin mist all over it. Sacrifices must be made for science.

I don't think it came out half bad if I do say so myself.

It was very amusing when the pumpkins became so full of pressurized water that pumpkin guts started spewing out is its eyes.

Lydia's kind of reminded me of an ogre for some reason. Or maybe even a secret scary Troll.

There was a bit of a trick to it. You had to move fast because if you lingered in one spot for too long the pressure of the water would punch a whole through the front of the pumpkin and out the back.

I think these look scarier than the normal cut pumpkins because they have an instability to them that makes them look like they were done by a scary person.

Derek and Gabby are fun because they appreciate a good beer. I like to bring weird stuff over for them to sample. This baby was hand imported by me from New Belgium brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado.

"Let the holiday festivities begin! Inspired by warm spiced apple cider on a chilly night, we brewed a brown ale with apple and cranberry juice, along with orange and lemon peel, cinnamon, clove, mace, allspice, and ginger, and finally blended with foeder-aged dark sour. Best enjoyed with family and friends... cheers!"

We then posed next to our murdered vegetables.

I was excited to crack this baby open as well. We snagged this after the ice cream tasting at Tillamook. A pommeau is an alcoholic drink made in north-western France by mixing apple juice with apple brandy

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