Friday, October 28, 2022

Halloween Warm Up

Bobae is always a good idea.

Decisions decisions

Lately I've been rocking the matcha latte with boba.

The official place to drink one's Bobae is looking out at Lake Washington and contemplating the universe.

Lydia and I got Flintstones costumes for Halloween this year. I took mine out for a test drive tonight with some friends in Seattle.

I cannot resist a grungy arcade bar.

Add-A-Ball is so weird and dirty that they have these weird half bottles of Miller High Life.

The statue of Lenin in Fremont was looking festive.

The night devolved into a very long walk, sometimes in the wrong direction, to another bar that was guaranteed to be better than Add-A-Ball. Spoiler: it was not. It was an amusing journey though. We passed by Last Call Bar, another weird place, but in a "I don't think I need to return here" kind of way.

Yabba Dabba.

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