Saturday, October 22, 2022

The Who

Lydia has been getting the real princess treatment ever since we learned we would be having not a hideous Troll but a cute Baby Ernie.

We went to the Apple Store at Bellevue Square. Luckily there was a class happening that I could pay attention to while Lydia went on a shopping spree.

She did some serious and not last minute shopping research.

And walked out with a new iPad. Must be nice.

Since we have a human child on the way I've been swinging at pretty much any concert or event that looks even remotely interesting. We checked out The Who at Climate Pledge Arena.

I don't think Lydia knew who The Who was, but I calmly explained that they were on an episode of the Simpsons.

The arena seems to randomly have premium loungey areas open. So I took Lydia on a little tour. This is the Space Needle Lounge.

This is a fun gizmo. 

"You're standing in front of PitchBook's Winformation Wall

One of the world's largest flip-disc displays, it highlights event-specific capital market data and insights from the PitchBook Platform and spotlights live game day stats with:

98,000 individual flip-discs

35 fee of 7' high wall space

30 disc flips per second

1 ton total display weight"

We also checked out the Moet and Chandon Imperial Lounge.

It's pretty fancy with a lot of leather.

At one point one of the band members implied that he doesn't like touring but he needs money after his divorce. Yikes.

It was no Paul McCartney but we had fun.

We finished out the night with a nice dinner at the frenetic Bangrak Market.

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