Monday, May 02, 2022

Good Evening Seattle!

Seeing Paul McCartney at Climate Pledge Arena felt like something I shouldn't pass up. Not only do I love his songs, but the guy is getting up there in age and I knew if something unfortunate happened I would never forgive myself. 

McCartney has written or co-written a record 32 songs that have topped the Billboard Hot 100.

The guy is obviously on a different level than most artists alive. Even this little "welcome back to Seattle Paul" blurb shows a special care that is being put into this performance. 

There were some fun historical facts displayed as well. Apparently the Beatles were the first band to perform here back in 1964. I read that the Seattle police had to put barbed wire barricades around their hotel to keep their nutjob fans out.

I was happy with my seat selection. We were two rows off the floor, which meant that we could still see comfortably when the knuckleheads with the floor seats inevitably all stood up.

I'm way behind on writing this blog which sucks because I forget some of the details, but I have the advantage of a little added perspective. Lydia and I still say "good evening Seattle" to each other in McCartney's accent a year later.

The production values of the show were unlike anything I have ever seen.

For example the video footage of John Lennon that accompanied the rendition of "I've Got a Feeling" was put together for Sir Paul by friggin' Peter Jackson.

"Get Back" also had some good archival footage accompanying it. I watched all of the The Beatles: Get Back documentary in preparation for this show. There's so much just normal conversation and joking around between the band members that I ended up feeling a bit like I was their friend as well.

Paul is such a damn boss that one of the videos was just Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp doing sign language along to the lyrics.

"Blackbird" is one of my favorite Beatles songs.

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