Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Free Beer Rocket Man

During my job hunt I've been picking up random invites to recruiting events. This one for Jeff Bezos' rocket company Blue Origin at Optimism Brewing Company seemed worth sneaking Lydia into.

There was free booze and food.

There were so many nerds crowding the space that it was difficult for me to effectively engage people in conversation, but I did eventually talk to a recruited and a manager or two. Hurray networking.

Lydia must have been too scared to eat much because I had to take her to eat at Elysian directly after the free buffet I had just taken her to. Buying food after a free buffet is possibly the saddest sentence in the English language.

The place was awash in swag for their stinky skunk smelling Dank Dust IPA.

I hope her highness is finally satisfied. Food paid for by non-billionaires must have some special flavoring.

It's fun that there are so many tech bros around because they are early adopters for all kinds of wild electric vehicles. I'd like to buy one myself one of these days. This baby is a Rivian.

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