Saturday, May 14, 2022

West Seattle and Mt. Rainier's Return

Poor poor West Seattle. It's on a little peninsula right across from big kid Seattle but the bridge has been out since we got here.

We finally made the journey for a very important reason: a city wide garage sale.

We stopped at a well regarded Mexican food truck called Taqueria la Fondita in White Center, WA on the way back.

Most of the parts of the Seattle area that I commonly traverse have a dearth of Mexican food so this was nice.

I think we must be crazy people because after some garage sales and a nice Mexican lunch we said to ourselves "let's drive to Mt. Rainier and go hiking". Why the heck not.

We have been here once before but there was so much snow on the mountain that we couldn't really get around in order to do anything because all of the roads were blocked.

The break down of dead trees in Washington's parks fascinates me.

This fungus looked like a delicious dinner roll.

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