Tuesday, May 24, 2022

It's Hoppin' at T-Mobile Park

Ah, it's never a bad day for some Mariners baseball.

T-Mobile Park has a roof because we aren't animals and we don't like getting rained on all day and delaying games.

I heard that one of the park's signature foods is chapulines, or roasted Mexican style grasshoppers. I strolled up to Edgar's Cantina, where they are sold, and asked for two orders. The guy working there said they didn't have any on hand, and if we wanted some we'd have to wait for them to be brought over. Fine. I'm a patient man. I assume that this situation has happened because these delicious little insects are flying off the shelves, not because they weren't expecting a single human person to want to put bugs in their mouth today. Especially assuming there's probably a couple of bugs in each hotdog.

When the chapulines finally arrived the guy didn't even charge us for them. Again I assume because he knew that after one taste we'd be hooked and buy a ton more, not because he was embarrassed to charge us $5 for a plastic container full of legs, antennae, and eyeballs.

Lydia immediately bought a soda to wash down her protein rich snack.

Nothing gets the taste of numerous bug buttholes out of your mouth faster than an ice cold beer.

There was merchandise specifically for grasshopper fans. Confusingly these were on the sale rack.

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