Saturday, May 21, 2022

Viking Fest and Some Old Fish

A nice thing about moving to a new place is that all of the local festivals are brand new. Today we attended the Viking Fest in Poulsbo, Washington.

There was a parade. These people are aggressively Norwegian. 

Nothing says Washington like Lincoln.

We had a sip at the Brass Kraken and soaked up a little sun.

I bought Lydia some sursild, or traditional Norwegian pickled herring.

We had some late lunch at Tizley's EuroPub.

I went for the 

Jaeger Schnitzel
Customer favorite! Breaded pork cutlet topped with house made mushroom gravy. Served with spätzle and rotkohl.

While we were waiting for the ferry back to civilization I spotted a bald eagle. It's just an animal that casually lives out here. Whatever.

The mountain is out.

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