Sunday, May 22, 2022

A U District Day

The mountains were out and the sun was shining. We spent a nice full day in the U District neighborhood of Seattle today.

The University Village mall is fun because many of the stores have their own free standing buildings in their own unique styles. The Apple Store there is very cool.

We had lunch at the Mountaineering Club which is a rooftop bar atop the Graduate Seattle Hotel.

The place has a great view. I believe it is one of the buildings we can see across Lake Washington from Kirkland. The place is so mountainy they have a drink special that is only available when Mt. Rainier is visible.

There's the Space Needle!

U District was having a street fair.

We had a sip at the Agua Verde Cafe.

We completed our day of fun vibes with a little miniature golf at the Pioneer Square branch of Flatstick Pub.

I beat Lydia real nice.

They were having a Seattle Sounders event there and we held... whatever cup this is? Yay?

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