Saturday, October 29, 2022

Modern Stone-Age Family

I always say that the closest you can get to the fun of doing something for the first time is to do something with someone and it's their first time. So I was excited to take Julie and Renaud out on a Halloween bar crawl in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood for their first Halloweeny experience.

Checking in was a mess with a lot of lines, so we didn't stay long. Our French friends were surprised at how revealing some of the costumes were.

I don't think Julie ever drinks and Renaud is a baker and had to go to bed pretty early, so we were trying to think of something to amuse them in the area and why the heck not mini golf at Flatstick Pub? The fact that we've already paid for lifetime passes had nothing to do with our decision, I can assure you.

Flintstones fit check. A lot of people gave me "yabba dabbas" on the street which I appreciated. One rando even told me how Fred was his role model because he always stopped working when the bird whistle blew at the quarry. I hadn't considered that he was such a working class hero.

I had the honor of spray painting Lydia's hair orange back at the house.


We let our friends borrow some of our costumes from past years.

I beat Lydia's little butt.

Yabba dabba, yabba dabba dabba do now.

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