Sunday, November 13, 2022

Kwality Indian Food

Our friends Shubra and Sumit were kind enough to take us along to a legit Indian restaurant called Kathakali. I like the sort of eatery where I'm the only white person not only in the restaurant but the only white person the staff has ever seen in their life.

The downside of eating with real ones is that they do all the ordering and then I have no idea what any of it is and no hope of every ordering it for myself in the future. Oh well.

Afterwards we had some dessert at Kwality Ice Cream. This is another place that I probably never would have found on my own so it was super fun to be there.

I of course had to go for the realest Indian ice cream they had, some kulfi. It is like ice cream but not whipped so it was super super dense.

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