Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Lovesac, Baby Lovesac

Lydia has been on my case to get a new couch probably for years at this point. I figure our current couch is doing its job quite nicely despite its saggy cushions with a hole here and there. I told her she could get a new couch if she paid for it, assuming that would deter her. It did not.

We ended up getting a Lovesac partially because they have a store front at Bellevue Square so we could check it out in person. It's actually kind of cool because it's modular, so if we moved or wanted the couch in a different room we can change up the configuration to fit whatever space. It has some storage space under the cushions too which is pretty cool. There was a lot of assembly required which was much less cool.

Also I don't think I could come up with a worse name for a consumer product than "lovesac".

Lydia was having some buyer's remorse about the couch assembly so I played her some motivational music.

After all that hard work and a lot of getting yelled at by someone who will remain nameless I earned myself another German brewsky from my advent calendar. Praise be.

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