Friday, November 18, 2022

Scammers I Trust

At a recent Mariners game they were giving away these cool jerseys and I was excited to get one. They look all cool and retro. We did not get to the stadium soon enough to receive one which bothered me a bit. I went as far as offering strangers money for theirs but alas I went home empty handed. I did devise a devious plan, however. The shirts they were giving out were all XL sized. Smaller sized people were allowed to go to this particular customer service desk and claim a smaller shirt that would be shipped to their house at a later date. So Lydia was rewarded for her tardiness after all and I got bupkis. Sad.

My friends were attending a Men I Trust show at the Showbox in Seattle. I managed to snag a ticket last minute and join them.

Vik had some fancy friend with him who insisted on booking a private table for us in the bar area. It was not close to the action by any means but I did not have to suffer the endless butt pinches that inevitably take place when I am in a crowded venue.

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