Saturday, November 26, 2022

Holiday Poppin' in STL

We went to Lydia's Aunt Sarah's house to watch her cousin play in a televised football game, which I must admit was pretty fancy. After that at the same house we attended a little wedding anniversary party for Lydia's grandparents.

In between we took a little intermission and went to Top Golf with Sam and Andrea.

This was my first Top Golf experience and I had heard good things so was excited. I'm not a big golf person generally so I need a little extra pizazz to get myself in the mood.

I let Lydia know that despite the fact she is carrying my baby, I will show her no mercy when it comes to competition.

Later that night we went out with Zoe and Emily for one of our favorite holiday season pastimes: Christmas pop up bars boozin'. This one in particular was Lit, which had popped up like a festive pimple in Molly's in Soulard. I thought they did a pretty good job decorating the place.

I'm sure I ordered more than one, but my first strike was a:

"Gingerbread Man, bird dog gingerbread whiskey, rumchata, eggnog"

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