Saturday, August 26, 2023

Eating Honolulu

Today in Honolulu we pretty much just walked around and ate things.

My friend Yukako gave Ernie this classic children's book as a gift. In English it's entitled "Where's the Fish?" Well then of course we saw some licensed children's clothing and had to buy that.

Ernie had a silly morning.

We had lunch at Heavenly which was kind of hippy dippy. I don't recall liking it very much.

Strangely there seemed to be Duty Free stores that weren't in an airport or anything that you could just walk up to. I don't think I've ever seen this before.

Partially because we were missing Japan's convenience stores and partially because we wanted to see Hawaii's spin, we hit a 7-Eleven.

There were a lot of interesting items in there. One was this classic Japanese sandwich but instead of egg salad which is my favorite it had strawberries and cream.

We stopped at Banan for some ice cream made out of bananas.

There was an attempt to get Ernie into the pool but it was super sunny and we were worried he would get burned. The hotel kind of sucked because during the day it was too bright but the pool closed super early so that they could set up tables and sell food and booze in the area. I was not impressed.

Ernie was having a fabulous hair day.

He looked kind of like a rooster.

I picked a nice restaurant for our final Hawaiian meal. Eater:

"Fete Hawaii

Chef Robynne Maii was recently awarded a James Beard award — Hawai‘i’s first in almost 20 years — for her restaurant that features great cocktails and a menu that combines French, Italian, Korean, and Hawai‘i influences. Open from lunch through dinner, FĂȘte turns out hits like carbonara with Portuguese sausage and rose veal schnitzel sauced with liliko‘i. Definitely order off the specials menu, which usually showcases Hawai‘i’s seafood and the best produce in season, and don’t miss the house-made rocky road ice cream for dessert. There are a few outdoor tables, and takeout is also available." 

They had really fun cocktails. I had a: 

"Spicy Kitty

Tito's, yuzuri, Hawaiian chili infused Oleo Saccharum, shichimi togarashi, salt, lemon juice, muddle shiso & topp with club soda". I eat a lot of weird stuff and I don't know what half of these words mean.

Lydia chose:

"Ichigo Sour

toki, sfumato rhubarbo, lemon, egg white, strawberry"

There was mahi achiote

There was scallops

There was a cutie boy.

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