Saturday, August 05, 2023

Ballard Walking Tour

Today we went on a little Ballard walking tour.

I hadn't been in Pike Taproom before. It was decent.


The Kangaroo & Kiwi was a fun little place that people can watch rugby and other nonsensical sports from down under.

They had meat pies which is fantastic.

I had been avoiding Bale Breaker because we went to the HQ out in Yakima and we keeps it real. But since we were with visitors I figured this might be the closest they will get to hop heaven.

I got a sampler platter. From the right I chose:

Boasting notes of freshly-brewed espresso and rich chocolate, Dormancy Imperial Stout was conditioned on locally-roasted coffee beans from Yakima's Lincoln Avenue Coffee Co. As winter settles in to the Pacific Northwest and the hop fields surrounding our brewery lay dormant, this beer was crafted to remind us that good things can still happen in the off-season for hops.

Just Peachy Wheat Ale
Brewed using real peach puree in the fermenter, this fruited wheat ale both tastes great and supports a great cause. Inspired by the Tri21 Project and brewed in collaboration with the Younker family, this beer was made in order to raise awareness about Down syndrome and to raise money for Children's Village, where local families and individuals with Down syndrome can receive support and a crucial local network. $1 per pint will be donated to Children's Village, in honor of (and brewed with!) Peach Younker.

Mango Tango Summer Ale (sesiones del Migrante)
Sesiones del Migrante celebrates the Mexican migrant workers who travel to Yakima to harvest hops for breweries around the globe. Founded by Cerveceria de Colima, Cerveza Loba, Ronin Fermentation Project, SouthNorte, Yakima Chief Hops, and Bale Breaker. A portion of the proceeds from this beer goes to local non profits who support migrant farm workers. Made with 28lbs per barrel of mango puree, this summer ale has low bitterness and smells like a freshly-sliced ripe mango with hints of mandarin orange.

La Mas Buena Mexican Lager
Mexican Lager easy drinking malt forward with bread dough and corn chip aromas. Fruity & floral hints, low bitterness & sweetness."

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