Friday, August 18, 2023

Tokyo Eel Livers and Cheeseburgers

Today we had pretty modest Tokyo goals: see a couple neighborhoods, have some good food, and keep Ernie happy and out of the hot sun.

We found a Natural Lawson convenience store. It was full of more expensive versions of convenience store fare.

It was surprisingly difficult to find a place that sold diapers. We tracked some down but they were a bummer to use. They were pull ups and so were difficult to maneuver on to and off of a squirmy little adventurer.

Malls ended up being a good refuge because it was so hot, and they also tend to have a ton of dining choices. We scouted around for a while but our first restaurant picks were either full or not open for lunch.

The other restaurants being unavailable ended up being lucky because it sort of forced us to eat at Isesada.

Lydia was unsure at first because the entire menu was eel and rice.

I liked how classy and peaceful this place was. The staff all wore kimonos.

No one does eel like the Japanese. It was delicious.

There were some unfortunate side dishes happening, however. Lydia is here playing with her kimosui, clear soup containing eel's liver.

She somehow convinced herself that she needed to finish her eel liver in order to have dessert.

My laquered eel box had some lovely artwork on it. Nihonbashi, literally "Japan Bridge", is the name of the bridge, the river is spans, the damn neighborhood surrounding it, and quite possibly my second born child regardless of gender.

I longingly gazed at the kabuki-za from across the street. A certain potato boy has dashed any chances of me going to kabuki on this trip, but I shall return!

We got some conbini ice cream and headed back to the hotel for a rest.

We hit a taiyaki place we happened upon.

Their thing seems to be keeping the crunchy border around the fish. It was good and beany.

We put considerable effort into finding restaurants in Akihabara but got exhausted and settled for some Japanese McDonald's.

There was an upstairs dining area but no elevator so we ate on the street like sweaty hobos.

I didn't remember how many maid cafe women there were working the streets in Akihabara.

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