Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Progressive Korean

My roommate is a big boy who weighs almost 20 pounds.

There's a new Chainline Brewing location over by the Google building.

We left the big man at home at went for dinner at Paju, which describes itself as "Progressive Korean Cuisine". I liked how simple the menu was.

This was the 

"Paju Fried Rice
Kimchi, bacon, squid ink, smoke quail egg"

"Paju Crispy Pancake
seafood mix, perilla leaves, bonito flakes"

"Truffle Rib-eye Steak Bulgogi
Crispy quinoa, enoki mushroom"

We took advantage of our time unsupervised by Big Ern and strolled around Seattle Center. We even popped into the base of the Space Needle to see what was up.

One thing that the Seattle area has an abundance of is Asian dessert places. Today we tried Timeless Tea Dessert Cafe and got a giant shaved ice with mango on top.

We may have gotten two flavors. I recall it taking a lot of effort to finish them if we were able to at all.

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