Thursday, August 31, 2023

Tubs and Crabs

I don't think I expected in 2006 when I started this blog that one day I'd write entire posts full of videos of a chubby little man taking a bath but here we are. It is an amazing adventure of sorts, I suppose. Will he poop or pee in the water and then drink it? There's one adventurous way to find out!

Zeke from college was in town doing some banking classes for work, so we took him out to dinner. We've been to the Monsoon in Bellevue once or twice so I was happy to hit the mothership original Monsoon in Capitol Hill.

I was too tempted by the prospect of having a whole Dungeness crab so I just went for it.

"Saigon Dungeness Crab

Live Dungeness Crab cooked in the wok with peppercorn, garlic, shallots, and Chinese five spice. Served with garlic noodles."

Zeke has been a dad for like 52 years and so he was really good with Ernie. I was impressed actually at how much he seemed to care about Ernie's happiness.

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