Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Lydia Goes to See the Troll

Big Ern's Grandparents were still in town. This was a big day for all three of them because they agreed to do some babysitting duty.

So as I've mentioned previously, I saw an ad for a production of Lydia and the Troll while waiting for our food at Communion before Ernie was born. The blurb was uncomfortably close to home: "Singer-songwriter Lydia feels held back. Maybe it's writer's block, maybe it's her not-so-perfect boyfriend. But when a mysterious stranger offers her the chance to change her life, she may have to sacrifice more than she imagined for a new start." We referred to Ernie as "the Troll" while we waited for all his tests to tell us he was healthy and so forth.

The Seattle Rep was kind of a fun space and was entertaining on its own.

One of my hobbies when I'm not with Ernie is to look at the disgusting number of photos I've taken of Ernie. In my defense he's always moving around so each picture is different.

The show was kind of cool and high tech. The Troll in the show's deal is that they look like a big nasty troll, but they can sort of wear the body of another person. So this troll has been stealing the bodies of artists for hundreds of years. She swaps with Lydia but Lydia is smart enough to figure out how to swap back. It ends with a chase scene and the sun comes up and turns the troll to stone under the bridge in Fremont where a famous troll statue now sits. I thought that was a cool Seattle culture tie-in. I liked the show.

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