Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Totem Lake Culinary Struggles

We've got a Cardinals fan in the house.

For dinner we went to Totem Lake to check out a new Ramen joint called Silverlake Ramen. It did not go well. They were busy or understaffed or something. The staff was really dismissive of us I felt, and even after being seated we sat for a while and no one ever came to the table. I think this is the first restaurant I've walked out of since we left St. Louis.

We popped over next door to Hanoon, a Lebanese restaurant that I've been wanting to try. I think things went better at the ramen place.

I ordered the "lahm bi ajine: minced lamb, pomegranate molasses, aleppo, herbs (hal)." I was intrigued by this pomegranate molasses situation. It arrived and it was terrible. It was so so sweet to the point of not being edible food. Today was a big food fail.

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