Thursday, May 04, 2023

French Baking, Japanese Gardens, and Greek Comedy

Our friend Renaud is co-owner of French Guys Bakery. Up until now they sold baked deliciousness at festivals and farmer's markets. They apparently are doing well and are leveling up to a brick and mortar location in Capitol Hill. We stopped by for their soft opening.

I shoved this pain au chocolat into my soft opening.

Renaud is the best and gave us some bread to take home.

Ernie doesn't know what bread is but he was supportive which I thought was cool.

We strolled around the lovely Seattle Japanese Garden and wished we were in Japan a while.

You might think a baby would be a detriment to one's social life, and you would very much be correct. Ernie really came through this time, though. I was up taking care of him at some unfortunate hour in the middle of the night, scrolling around Seattle's reddit page. Someone posted that they had some free tickets to see comedian Stavros Halkias that they couldn't use and... YOINK! I took them while the rest of Seattle was asleep in their beds.

Good work, Ernie.

Grandma Linda babysat for us which was awesome, and we headed over to the Neptune Theatre. I love checking out new venues so this was already a win. The tickets were standing room only but we found a place to sit anyway because we are geniuses.

Stavros was very funny and did his trademark working of the crowd to have a lot of amusing conversations.

Ern-Dawg touched my face what seemed like on purpose for the first time a few times today. Lydia thinks he may have liked my scruffy unshavenness.

One of Lydia's pain points is pumping breast milk constantly. She doesn't like breastfeeding very much so this is a workable alternative but it does involve a lot of unfortunate washing of things.

I'm sure she would agree it's worth constantly feeding Big Ern just to see that lil belly get bigger and bigger.

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