Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Bye Bye Zozo

This was Zoe's last day with us so it pretty much turned into one big Zoe and Ernie photoshoot.

Zoe picked up these matching Mickey Mouse sweatshirts during our recent Disneyland voyage.

Baby Ernie comparison with Baby Lydia. What do you think?

We took Ernie to the Pediatrician today. I don't really like the experience of coming here honestly. I think we're doing a pretty good job with taking care of Ernie but they are full of kind of nit-picky criticism. He's eating too much, he's not eating enough, etc. etc.

His little umbilical cord stump is all dried out and gross looking now. It looks kind of like a delicious piece of beef jerky.

Ernie was then forced to model all the weird presents that people bought for him. I'm not sure where I was during this abuse.

It was time to leave so it was also time to cry. Big sad.

During my night shift with the little man I got the feeling that his belly needed to be free for a while. Also I thought he looked kind of like a big fat trucker.

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