Friday, May 05, 2023

Exotic Baby, Exotic Fruit

I wasn't able to do anything for my birthday this year due to the baby, but Lydia was very kind and bought me a consolation gift: a box came today full of exotic fruits. Trying new fruits is something I love about traveling so this was very cool as I probably won't be traveling again for a while.

There were fig bananas.

The yellow dragon fruit was actually amazing. I don't know if the yellow ones are better than the pink ones in general or if this one was just fabulous, but it was the best dragon fruit I ever had.

I finally found a less flattering Ernie angle.

This Pinkglow pinky Del Monte pineapple was so fancy it arrived with a sash and a birth certificate.

These were so weird I hadn't ever even heard of them. This box is like the best thing that ever happened to me. Mamey sapote!

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