Monday, May 01, 2023

Ernie Goes Glass Tourist

Big Ern was getting plenty of attention from his aunt and grandma.

One downside of Ernie being born a giant is that his neck muscles aren't strong enough yet to balance his giant head. So in his car seat he's often slouched over like this.

We took Ernie to check out the Chihuly Garden and Glass, a museum in the Seattle Center showcasing the studio glass of Dale Chihuly.

Milk break

They were doing fun glass blowing demonstrations outside.

In the glasshouse area that connected the indoor and outdoor exhibits, there was a bunch of photos of other glasshouses around the world.

The Jewel Box in St. Louis' Forest Park was featured.

We initially just ventured near The Bar to use the bathrooms, but I was drawn in by the fun collections that were displayed all over the place. We decided to stop for refreshments.

Ernie is just a bar baby now, I don't know what to tell you.

I ordered off of the signature cocktail menu. "Inkwell: roasted pistachio infused blend of Woodinville rye and bourbon, black mission fig syrup, house cinnamon bitters."

The drink came with some gold leaf that made a very awesome gangster tooth.

There were fun toothpicks around that we were forced to ask our waiter for a couple of.

I didn't anticipate how much fun it would be to buy baby clothes. And it's even more fun because they grow out of them so fast you can constantly be buying them hilarious outfits, like this one with crabs for feet. I on the other hand dress myself primarily with beer shirts or shirts I got for free.

I was rocking Ernie to sleep and he smiled at me a bunch and laughed a little. First time I’ve seen him smile while awake... thought he does do a thing where he tricks you because his eyes are wide open but he is still asleep... it's hard to tell but I'm going to take the win where I can.

His poop was black and sticky like tar right when he was born, and now it’s yellowy with little bits in it like chunky mustard. What an adventure we're on.

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