Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery Winners

I feel a little bit guilty that we only have like 15 different high contrast pictures for Ernie to look at, but he never seems to get tired of staring at them so I guess we are good. I used to kind of scoff at people who gave their kids mountains of toys but I definitely understand the impulse now. I've read a study or two that say you should limit the number of toys they have, as too many will overwhelm them, etc. etc.

My own toy for the day was to crack open the Pinkglow pink Del Monte pineapple Lydia got me in a fruit box for my birthday.

It was nice. It had a much softer flavor without all of the citrus acidity you get from a traditional pineapple. I would buy another one.

The Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, WA is nice because it is in a very park-like setting and is a great place to have a sip outdoors. We went to check it out today for Lydia's birthday.

While the wine tasting was fun it unfortunately cost a bit. I learned about their wine club and they agreed to waive our tasting fee if we signed up. You've got yourself a deal Mr. Michelle.

We may have done another free tasting in the member's area immediately after to celebrate our excellent financial choices.

Our parents keep sending us photos of ourselves as babies to compare to Baby Ernie and look for any resemblance. I don't know we all just look like big white potatoes to me.

Ernie's nasty little umbilical cord stump fell off today! Hurray. Unfortunately now that his tag has fallen off I don't think we are allowed to take him back to the store. On the plus side we can start giving him baths.

I ate the umbilical cord bit immediately in order to gain some of Ernie's powers. That's science.

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