Saturday, May 13, 2023

Ernie Wine and Dine

We took the small gentlemen out and about today.

Depending on the angle or the expression I think Ernie looks like me, sometimes more like Lydia. I do know where he got all that hair, though.

We met up with our friends Kuoling and Jason for some sips at Covington Cellars in Woodinville, WA. This was their first time doing a wine tasting which was fun and exciting. We've been taking Ernie on tour because we don't want to be those loser parents who become recluses and lose all their friends.

After wine it was time to dine. These two are like our hot pot life coaches. This time we went to Boiling Point which specializes in Taiwanese hot pot. Don't ask me what that means. 

Lydia is running like a meth lab level breast milk operation out of our house. None of this stuff looks explosive but you never know.

I had some guavas out of my exotic fruit birthday box.

I'm not sure if these were ripe but I'm not an expert. They were fine but a little hard.

Ernie got his first piece of mail today. Some kind of healthcare thing. Probably a bill.

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