Friday, May 12, 2023

Dirty Ernie's First Bath

Bambino Ernesto's pesky umbilical cord chunk finally fell off so after a bit of additional waiting for it to fully heal up we gave his him first tubby time.

All parties involved had some learning to do about how to scrub-a-dub an Ernie bub, but things ended well I think. Especially I brought his high definition pictures for him to look at he calmed himself.

He had had a pimple looking thing on his cheek since he was born and I think I deserve a medal for never poking at it even once.

So fresh, so clean.

We celebrated having a clean little man by having some Turkish food at Istanbul Cuisine outside of Bellevue Square Mall. In the Istanbul airport lounge there's a station that makes pide, which is kind of a pizza-esque flatbread type of deal. They are always either closed or baking the pide while still being unavailable. At any rate when I saw them on the menu at this place I was forced to get involved.

We met up with our friends Shubra and Sumit at our local brewery: Chainline Brewing Company at Kirkland Urban. Everybody wants to meet the Ern-Dawg.

What will they think of next?

One of my favorite pastimes is watching Ernie sleep.

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