Sunday, May 07, 2023

Adult Time Sushi

Grandma Linda was still in town helping out with Bambino Ernesto so we took the opportunity to go to a nice restaurant and have some adult time.

That horseshoe shaped pillow is called a Boppy. It's a nice way to prop up your potato baby when he needs to eat or take a nap. This gives you back the use of one of your arms which is a lifesaver. It's funny I used to disdain the hypothetical parent with a bunch of unnecessary crap in tow, but I am getting a thorough lesson in why some of that stuff can make or break you and your soul.

I Love Sushi on Lake Bellevue is a lovely place with a godawful name. It's like the name of a place in a strip mall that sells sushi but also tacos. Eater informed me that I was way off:

"I Love Sushi’s Bellevue location’s dining room offers stunning views of Lake Bellevue. It also serves some of the best sushi in the Seattle area, with team trained by Jun Takai, one of Shiro Kashiba’s star apprentices. The lunch menu offers fairly affordable ($20-$30 range) full meals with sushi, miso soup, and green salads, while the dinner menu offers $49.50 kaiseki platters with seasonal fish and various omakase nigiri and sashimi options. Though Edomae-style sushi is the focus here, you can also get your fix of American-style sushi, like spicy tuna and deep-fried crunchy rolls."

We had a fantastic experience with Shiro and his crew at Sushi Kashiba so it's very cool to see that some acorns have fallen off that tree and given Greater Seattle a friggin sushi forest.

I was impressed with the crazy, ice storing carafe that the sake came in. 

Omakase is my jam. I'm not really qualified to pick my own food anyway, let's be honest.

Back at the ranch Ernie was strengthening his neck by doing some tummy time like a good boy.

Another fun part of ordering a set menu is Lydia is forced by the sacred laws of politeness to eat whatever they bring her.

When we aren't with Ernie we pretty much just sit and look at pictures of him and talk about him anyway so we hurried home after dinner. If you ask me the fact that they don't make this crab themed onesie in my size is a body shaming microaggression.

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