Sunday, May 14, 2023

Lunch With the Babes

If memory serves we had planned to eat at a different place in Pike Place Market but when we got there it was booked, which was annoying but it led to us trying a place we'd never dined at before: Shama. 

It was a modern Moroccan cuisine type of joint. Sadly Lydia has never been to Morocco but luckily she could rely on my knowledge of the country to make her menu decisions.

My very good boy ordered Lydia milk for lunch. Great choice.

Ernie is the perfect lunch date. He doesn't eat food and he never interrupts my stories.

I had the shakshouka "scented tomatoes, bell pepper, olives, cilantro oil, baked egg & pita." I recently had my first shakshouka in Israel and I am now a convert, ordering it wherever it appears. They were kind of stingy with the pita so I ordered another side of it.

Lydia went for the "M'killa: prawns, calamari, roasted garlic, sharmoula, dry harissa, Atlas olive oil & pita."


I have some monster feet so I'm curious to see how big the pup is going to grow.

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