Monday, May 08, 2023


Today's big news was that Ernie got a good report from the pediatrician, and gained more weight than even he needed to. He clocked in at 10 pounds 4 oz. I'm sure she was just being on the safe side, but the pediatrician was kind of alarmist about his growth rate. Just wait a few years, Ernie, and the doctor will tell you you're too fat every time you see them. Sad!

I believe the "Roly Poly" song is a popular tune in Lydia's family, and it has grown on me as well. Ernie did a little jig to it to celebrate being a prize winning piglet.

My computer started crapping out on me. I think I was most sad to lose the stickers I put on it, including my new Big Ern baby one. Oh well. After a run around with Apple I ended up buying a new one. Luckily I had more Ern stickers on hand as a backup.

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