Wednesday, May 03, 2023

An Ern By Any Other Name

We had decided on "Ernesto John" as a boy's name before we knew if he was going to be a boy. We did not have a girl's name in-pocket so that Y chromosome really saved us some homework.

Since we had his name chosen so early we could then move on to the important work of choosing some nicknames.

The awesome stickers Zoe made came in the mail after she left. I have one stuck on my laptop as I type this. 

We walked down and introduced Ernie to Lake Washington. It's a nice place.

We checked out Bad Jimmy's Brewing Co. in Ballard. I think bars and breweries are nice because they are loud, and usually have counter service. So if a certain member of our party has a meltdown or throws up or some other embarrassing incident, it's not super disruptive to the other patrons.

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