Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Nice Memory Averted

My parents were coming to town to meet Ernie for the first time.

Ernie wanted to look his best so he took a nice tubby before they arrived.

We made further advancements with our "put high contrast pictures everywhere" tactic and put a sticker on the shower wall for Ernie to look at. They have a very calming effect on my little man.

My parents like to play this game where they might say they'll be over at 1pm, then will start pounding on your door at noon wondering where you are. They did something similar this time. I was in a scheduled work meeting or an interview, they came in, Lydia handed over Ernie, and they all had a nice moment together while I was in another room. I had rehearsed this moment in my head, even sort of planned out what I was going to say, maybe have Lydia film our nice family milestone. Nope. I was pretty angry with all of them to be honest.

Here's a farce of a video Team Considerate threw together while I was in the other room trading my time and labor for money with which to keep the lights on.

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