Friday, October 13, 2023

Photo Shoots and Cool Guy Pasta

Ernie took another pass at broccoli today, and he was also having a fantastic hair day. It made for a compelling photo shoot.

I like when he holds things up and scowls at them. WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?!

Fun Italian fact of the day: broccoli is the plural of broccolo, "which means "the flowering crest of a cabbage", and is the diminutive form of brocco, meaning "small nail" or "sprout"."

It's amusing that he can spend so much time "eating" something that still continues to exist seemingly unmolested.

Speaking of photoshoots, we did a mini shoot on 10/8 and just got the results back today. I have mixed feelings about it but it did serve as a learning experience and I think subsequent photo sessions benefitted as a result. For example, Ernie had this nice gray autumny sweater on. Well between home and the park he got some Ernie slobber on it, and so in every single photo he had this big wet spot right in the center of his chest. I was a little annoyed that the photographer didn't say something about it. I was so wrapped up in all of the other details that I didn't notice in the moment. Anyway so when the photographer sent the photos over we commented on it and she photoshopped it out. If you look close you can see the knit pattern of his clothing is off right under his chin. Anyway, so in the future definitely need to have him wearing a bib or something to protect his stage costume.

It was annoyingly sunny as well so I feel like we all look very squinty. 

Every picture of me and my lil boo is a good picture so in the end I'm happy we did it.

Lydia expertly cooked up some pasta that Ernie helped me pick out during our tour of Calabria, Italy. 

Now I had just chosen the package with the most authentic looking grandmother on it but I really crushed it this time. Stroncatura is typical pasta of Calabrese cuisine. Cool. Wikipedia says it is "pasta resembling linguine made with the residues of flour and bran from the milling of wheat. The wholemeal wheat and rye give it its rough and coarse appearance." Double cool. Well for a while it was illegal to sell because people were making it out of mill waste, floor sweepings, and other nasties. It was something unhygienic and only poor people ate it. I don't like to brag but even our pasta is pretty darn cool.

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